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source code = website!

Build a website for your software projects with one command.

How it works

When you run landr on your local repository, it gathers info by leveraging standard conventions. It'll first look for a git remote from and retrieve some basic information about your project from the github api (contribution stats, releases), it will then parse standard files like,, & /docs, it'll then use the data to build out beautiful pages for your website.

This allows the maintenance of your website to be a side effect of keeping your software project inline with standard github conventions.

Quick start guide


npm i -g landr

From the root of your local .git repo run:


Visit http://localhost:3000.

Build site:

landr build

View built site locally:

landr serve

Deploy to github pages:

landr deploy

Why landr

You have to maintain your source code why maintain a website too?

As a software company we have a growing number of websites to build and maintain. We built landr so we could focus on our projects and not their websites.

Most OS websites the same, the have a hero, a getting started and some docs. There is definitely room for automation.


npm i
npm link

Get to work. 👷


Landr is free software, and may be redistributed under the terms specified in the license.