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A CLI / library for working with AWS lambda. Allows you to process and deploy lambda functions to AWS.


  $ node-lambda deploy [function dir glob]

Deploys the given versions (aliases) to the functions in the glob by creating or updating them.


-e --env-vars VAR=value Sets and env var during configuration phase

--env-file [file] Sets and env file in .env format that is parsed and set during the configuration phase

--namesapce [project-name] Sets a namespace for the lambda functions. Defaults to current folder name

--tag [Alias] Set a lambda alias for the current deployment.

--role [AWS Role] Sets the role for the current set of functions being deployed

--description [Description] Sets up a description for the alias phase of the deployment.

--handler-file [file] Configures function to use a different handler file. Defaults to index.js and index.handler

  $ node-lambda list

Shows all of the functions currently in AWS, filtered by the project name.


--list-all Shows all of the functions in the current region

  $ node-lambda list-aliases [function dir glob]

Lists all the aliases for each of the functions in the glob.