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Module that is loaded as a dev dependency for repositories that implement the lambda pattern for development.


./ --help

the lambda pattern

The lambda pattern makes a clear distinction between files that should be edited and files which are only intended to be inspected. The root of the repository only contains .git files, readme files and a shell script for interfacing with the development tools. All other files exist in either the 'src' or 'gen' folder.

The only files stored by the repo are 'src' files and 'gen/release' files. The first run of the script will prepare the repository for further development.



Makes a new repository at the current location with the given name and runs init.


Removes everything except for src and then generates 'gen/dev' and 'gen/release' from scratch.


Opens the page needed to create a repo on github / bitbucket and then sets the origin and pushes the repo.

install / uninstall module

Installs a module as either save or save-dev in the 'gen/dev' folder and copies the package.json into the 'src' folder.


Any files added / removed / edited from 'src' have those changes applied to 'gen/[dev|release]/src'. Those changes are then pushed through other build processes. This step should throw up any compilation errors.


Runs unit tests for either dev or release. If a path is given, only the tests in that file are run. If the --show-all or -s flag is given, the output of passing tests is also shown.


Gives a report on the currents state of the repo. This includes the build status of dev and release, whether the tests passed since the last build and whether the template information has been filled in.


Increments the verson number and pushes to npm.


Adds or removes todo items, or set the order.