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Lamassu plugin for exchange. This plugin provides all of the "ticker", "trader", and "wallet" functionalities by using CoinMate services.


Prior to deploying the plugin in your Lamassu machine, you can verify that all functions are working with the following procedure:

  1. Open test/mockConfig.template.json file, and input your Coinmate credentials there (key, secret and clientId). For wallet testing also set dest_address to a bitcoin address to send the testing withdrawal to.
  2. Make sure to check on CoinMate API page:
  • Trading enabled,
  • Withdrawals for fast withdrawals directly from CoinMate exchange
  1. Rename mockConfig.template.json to mockConfig.json,
  2. Type this into your terminal:
npm update # in case you cloned via git 
npm test

NOTE: The tests depend on your account having 5 EUR of available balance (both in EUR and BTC) for trade and will attempt to withdraw 0.001 BTC to the specified address.


To install the module, go to your lamassu-machine folder and install lamassu-coinmate via npm:

cd /usr/local/lib/node_modules/lamassu-server/
npm install lamassu-coinmate

Next, execute setup:


You will be asked to provide your CoinMate API ID, keys and fiat currency (currently, "EUR" and "CZK" are supported). This will configure lamassu-server to use CoinMate for ticker and trading. The price will be ---.-- in admin panel, this is normal. The script will set coinmate as provider for for ticker, trade and wallet. If you wish to use another plugin for some of the functions, you need to modify the setup script.

You should also execute lamassu-set-locale to change the fiat currency to EUR or CZK.

lamassu-set-locale EUR


There are a few options you can configure in node_modules/lamassu-coinmate/config.js:

  • TRADE_INSTANT_ORDERS set to 1 to trade using instant orders, or 0 for limit orders with spread specified
  • FUDGE_FACTOR controls the spread of price for buying in instant mode, and both buying and selling in limit mode.

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