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Lage v2 is here! See the release notes for details about new features and breaking changes.


Your JS repo has gotten large enough that you have turned to using a tool to help you manage multiple packages inside a repository. That's great! However, you realized quickly that the tasks defined inside the workspace have to be run in package dependency order.

Lerna, Rush, wsrun and even pnpm will provide a simple way for you to run npm scripts to be run in a topological order. However, these tools will force you to run your tasks by script name one at a time. For example, all the build scripts will have to run first. Then all the test scripts run in the topological order.

This usually means that there are wasted CPU cycles in between build and test. We can achieve better pipelining the npm scripts if we had a way to say that test can run as soon as build are done for the package.

lage (Norwegian for "make", pronounced law-geh) solves this by providing a terse pipelining syntax. It has many features geared towards speeding up the task runner that we'll explore later.

Quick start

lage gives you this capability with very little configuration.

Automatic installation

You can automatically install lage and create a basic config file by running:

npx lage init

Manual installation

You can also install and configure lage manually.

First, install lage at your workspace's root. For example, if you're using yarn:

yarn add -D -W lage

Next, add scripts inside the workspace root package.json to run lage. For example:

  "scripts": {
    "build": "lage build",
    "test": "lage test"

To specify that test depends on build, create a file lage.config.js at the repo root and add the following:

module.exports = {
  pipeline: {
    build: ["^build"],
    test: ["build"],

(You can find more details about this syntax in the pipelines tutorial.)

You can now run this command:

lage test

lage will detect that you need to run build steps before tests are run.

Next steps

Take a look at some of the other resources on the website:




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