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A nodejs library to talk to the L8 Smartlight.

As all of the currently available SDK versions (especially the JavaScript one) did not work for me. I decided to quickly hack my own implementation based on node-serialport.


The currently available library is a work in progress. The API is currently quite fluid. Don't expect it to be stable at at the moment.

Implemented Functionality

Currently mainly the Command API has been implemented, in order to be able to control the L8 appearance and functionality.

Especially the Query API has not really been implemented yet. Therefore the library does currently not allow any of the sensor data to be retrieved. If you really want to do that at the moment you may use the raw L8#sendFrame and L8#buildFrame methods. In the future I plan to support those functionality as well.

See the API-Documentation of the library for details about the API. In order to see the library in action you may take a look at the Examples folder of the project, which houses different kinds of demonstration scripts.

Working with Promises

Every method, that needs to be called with a callback (fn) function, can utilize Promises as well. Simply omit the callback function, while invoking it. In this case a Promise/A+ compatible promise will be returned by the method, which will be resolved once the operation finished, or rejected should an error occur.

Further documentation

All methods of the L8 library are extensively documented inside the source code. Just take a look at the generated API-Documentation or the corresponding source files starting with Library/L8.js for details about arguments and return values.

Generating the documentation

If you want to locally generate the documentation of the package, just run grunt documentation after installing all the dependencies utilizing npm install.

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