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kyt-cli is a tool for creating new kyt projects. It installs starter-kyts and all the tools you need to begin development.


npm install -g kyt-cli
kyt-cli setup


  • kyt-cli setup
  • kyt-cli list

setup command

The setup command sets up your project with all the application files that you'll need to use kyt:

  1. Creates a new kyt.config.js
  2. Install necessary npm packages
  3. Creates a .gitignore and .editorconfig
  4. Creates linter configurations - .eslintrc.json and .stylelintrc.json files
  5. Adds kyt commands to npm scripts

If kyt finds any files with duplicate names, it will back up your file before replacing it.

kyt-cli setup will take you through the process of setting up a new kyt project with a set of interactive questions. If you wish to automate this process you can use these optional flags:

  • -d The name of the new project directory. If not specified kyt will install the project in your current working directory.
  • -r The Github url for a starter-kyt. If not specified you will be prompted to select a starter-kyt from the supported list.
  • -k For local development purposes, you can override the version of kyt to be installed by passing in a new version number or a file path eg. file:../../my-local-kyt
  • -p The package manager to use, either npm or yarn. If not specified, defaults to yarn if it's installed globally, otherwise npm will be used.

kyt will provide you with a list of supported starter-kyts to install. The supported starter-kyts are:

list command

The list command lists the supported and recommended starter-kyts. It includes:

  • A description of best use cases
  • Installation instructions

kyt-cli list

Recommended starter-kyts

Universal React starter-kyt

This default starter-kyt is a good base for building advanced, universal React apps.

Setup a new project

kyt-cli setup

Static starter-kyt

kyt-cli setup Select I have my own url when prompted to set up a starter-kyt

Setup an existing project

Run kyt-cli setup in your project directory. Select I don't want a starter-kyt when prompted to setup.

See a list of supported starter-kyts

kyt-cli list



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