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super simple key-value store, intended for keeping appendable files.

works on the server, with files or redis and in the browser with localStorage.

on the server, it keeps the files in prefixed subdirectories, so that the directories do not get too large.

(see ls .git/objects/* for a similar example)


create an instance

kv(path/prefix/connectString, setup)

path is where to create/connect to the store.

setup is optional. setup is passed the stream created by put and get, may replace the stream passed to put/get by default, the stream is handled as newline seperated json.

var kv = require('kv')('/tmp/kv')
var kv = require('kv/redis')('redis://password@localhost:6379/prefix')
var kv = require('kv')('kv:') //this will be prefixed to keys when saving in localStorage.

put a stream

opts is optional. see fs.createWriteStream

stream.pipe(kv.put(key, opts))

kv.createWriteStream is a synonym for kv.put

get a stream

opts is optional. see fs.createReadStream

kv.get(key, opts).pipe(stream) 

kv.createReadStream is a synonym for kv.get

del a stream

kv.del(key, callback)

list of keys



check if db has a key

  kv.has(key, function (err, stat) {
    //return the stat of the stream, if it exists. 


to handle other types of streams than newline separated json, pass in a stream setup function to kv.

var rawKV = require('kv')(dir, function (stream, key) {
  return stream //just use raw streams, do not parse! 


there is also a cli tool!

npm install kv -g
echo hello | kv put hello --base /tmp/kv
kv get hello --base /tmp/k