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Static Site Generator for The Rest of Us

Kulfon Package on NPM Kulfon Package on NPM

Kulfon /kuːl fəʊn/ is a one command, JavaScript static site generator inspired by Hugo. It combines data sources with templates to tranform them into HTML pages at once. It supports Nunjucks, Markdown and Org Mode out-of-the-box.

This software is still under active development and not feature complete or ready for consumption by anyone other than software developers.

- Kulfon, Kulfon, co z Ciebie wyrośnie ?! martwię się już od tygodnia!

- Przestań!

While you're hesitating, listen to this wonderful Kulfon song!


Kulfon: Hot Reloading

Why Kulfon?

There is a ton of static site generators out there. Here are few points to convince you to try Kulfon


npm install -g kulfon

Getting started

Once Kulfon is installed, you will have access to the kulfon command. First, let's create a new project:

kulfon new <my-project-name>

Now enter the directory

cd <my-project-name>

and run kulfon's server

kulfon serve

It creates public directory with compiled content (this directory should be ignored). Go to http://localhost:3000 to check your website.

For more commands, just type


Visit Getting Started for more.


Kulfon keeps track of the upcoming fixes and features on GitHub Projects: Kulfon Roadmap

Websites that use Kulfon

If your website is using Kulfon, feel free to make a PR to add it to this list; please add the new entries at the top.

Bug reports

We use Github Issues for managing bug reports and feature requests. If you run into problems, please search the issues or submit a new one here: https://github.com/kulfonjs/kulfon/issues

Detailed bug reports are always great; it's event better if you are able to include test cases.


npm i kulfon

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