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This module provides a drop-in replacement for kue that adds one additional method called send to the Job prototype. This method allows additional "events" to be sent back to the event listener. I added this mainly to add a result event for sending back job results.

I originally submitted this as a pull request to the kue project. I think the developers of kue felt that they would prefer something that was more of a generalization of the currently available "progress" functionality in kue. I think they point was that they weren't against the functionality itself but just wanted to have a more graceful way of expanding the features in a way that was perhaps more aligned with existing functionality.

In the near term, I still wanted this kind of facility in kue and I think it actually opens up a wide range of additional possibilities. To be clear, I'm not trying to create a generalized message passing system. I have an application where I need a job queue system but one that simply allows more information to be passed back to the job requester than current kue offers. I recognize that someone could go a little nuts with this functionality and it could be seen as a bit of a Pandora's Box for that reason. But I thought at a minimum I should offer up this contribution even if it isn't suitable for inclusion in kue directly.

This may only be a short-term solution depending on whether something comparable eventually makes its way into kue.


Here is a simple use case where I send a result event (and associated message) back to the job requester. You are free, of course, to implement other events (and listeners for them):

var kue = require("kue-send");
var jobs = kue.createQueue();
var result = {pt: null};
jobs.process('email', function (job, done) {
    // Before we mark this as done, send back a result
    job.send("result", {processingTime: 120});
var job_data = {
    title: 'Test Email Job',
    to: ''
// Create the job
var j = jobs.create('email', job_data);
// Add listeners
j.on('result', function (obj) { = obj.processingTime
}).save(); // Send job to be run


The above example is a bit awkward because you constant have to thread some local variable through the event handler for result. However, I use this 'send' functionality in conjunction with Q. Since kue-send adds the ability to return results to the existing functionality of returning errors, it made it very easy to use the event listening mechanism to generate promises (which I prefer working with) for any job. As a result, I added another extension that makes it possible (using kue-send) to turn jobs into promises instead of establishing event listeners, e.g.,

// Create a promise instead
var p = jobs.create(name, job_data).promise();
p.then(function(res) {
   console.log("Processing took: "+res.processingTime);
}, function(err) {
   console.log("Error: "+err);

This, of course, allows jobs to be nicely chained together with other jobs or any other asynchornous processes. It also saves a little bit of boilerplate.