This package has been deprecated

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    This package has been deprecated. Use @kth/log package instead.


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    Logging module for Node.js applications.


    The package will respect NODE_ENV and output serialized JSON in production and use ordinary output for development. To override this, set LOGGING_OUTPUT_FORMAT to development or production.

    In your application

    const log = require("kth-node-log");
    // in application setup, see full options below
      console: {
        enabled: true
    // log usage"hello from info, log level usually used in setup");
    log.warn("error that code handled and can recover from");
    log.error({ err: err }, "error that should be fixed in code");
    log.fatal("a really bad error that will crash the application");
    log.debug({ req: req, res: res }, "log a request and response, basic dev log");
    log.trace("granular logging, rarely used");
    // child logger
    // add custom values to all of the logs
    const myLog = log.child({ custom: "value" });"hello");


      // name of the logger, usually the same as application name
      name: "node-logger",
      // application name, e.g. places-web
      app: "node-app",
      // usually set this to process.env.NODE_ENV
      env: "dev",
      // default logging level, can be overridden in stream configs
      level: bunyan.INFO,
      // use bunyan's own serializers
      serializers: {
        req: bunyan.stdSerializers.req,
        res: bunyan.stdSerializers.res,
        err: bunyan.stdSerializers.err
      // include source file, only enable in dev mode
      src: false,
      // enable debug logging
      debugMode: false,
      // stream, log to logstash using the lumberjack protocol
      // see bunyan-lumberjack for more details
      logstash: {
        enabled: false,
        level: null,
        tlsOptions: {
          host: "",
          port: 0,
          ca: []
        lumberjackOptions: {
          maxQueueSize: 500,
          allowDrop: function(entry) {
            // bunyan-lumberjack example is wrong,
            // this method should be called "shouldKeep"
            // return false to drop message, true to keep message
            return entry.bunyanLevel > bunyan.INFO;
      // stream, log to stdout using bunyan-format
      // see bunyan-format for more details
      console: {
        enabled: false,
        level: null,
        format: {
          outputMode: "short"
      // stream, log raw json to stdout
      stdout: {
        enabled: false,
        level: null


    npm i kth-node-log

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