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Fetch Cortina blocks and optionally cache using Redis.


npm install kth-node-cortina-block


const cortina = require('kth-node-cortina-block');
const options = { /* see below for options */ };
// somewhere else, usually in an express controller
cortina(options).then(function(blocks) {
  // blocks should be used in the layout/view
  // each block contains HTML,
  // meaning it should not be escaped in the view
  // blocks is a plain object with the following properties:
  // title, image, footer, search, language, analytics
  res.render('page', { blocks: blocks });
}).catch(function(err) {
  log.error({ err: err }, 'failed to get cortina blocks');
  // either display the error:
  res.render('error', { err: err });
  // or render page without blocks:
  res.render('page', { blocks: {} });


  • url is required. Should point to the Cortina block API endpoint.

  • headers is optional, pass headers used when fetching Cortina blocks.

  • debug is optional, defaults to false. Enables logging of Redis errors.

  • version is optional, defaults to head. Change if needed.

  • language is optional, defaults to en_UK.

  • redisKey is optional, defaults to CortinaBlock_. Used as a prefix for the Redis cache. The language setting will be appended.

  • redisExpire is optional, defaults to 600 (10 minutes). Sets expiration time in seconds for blocks stored in Redis.

  • redis is optional. Set to a Redis client instance when you want to enable Redis caching. Basically requires an object with get and set functions.

  • blocks is optional. It's a plain object containing Cortina block IDs. The following IDs are default and can be overridden.

    • title defaults to 1.260060.
    • image defaults to 1.77257.
    • footer defaults to 1.202278.
    • search defaults to 1.77262.
    • language optional object with language block IDs.
      • en_UK defaults to 1.77273.
      • sv_SE defaults to 1.272446._
    • analytics defaults to 1.464751.
    • gtmAnalytics defaults to 1.714097.
    • gtmNoscript defaults to 1.714099.

    You can also add application specific blocks to the options obejct like this:

    blocks: {
      placesSearch: '1.672888'

Run tests

Clone this repository, run npm install followed by npm test.

New version

Run the npm version <version> command. See for more details.

Prepare helper

A helper to modify paths in the blocks HTML for logo, site link/name, and locale link. The resulting blocks object should not be cached (i.e. called this after getting the blocks from the cache/API), because the locale URL changes with the request URL.


const cortina = require('kth-cortina-block');
function prepare(blocks, req, config) {
  return cortina.prepare(blocks, {
    urls: {
      request: req.url,
      app: config.full.hostUrl + config.full.proxyPrefixPath.uri
    // more options below


  • blocks is required. You get this from the main call to cortina.
  • config is required. A plain object with the following properties:
    • siteName is optional. Set this to override the site link text.
    • localeText is optional. Set this to override the locale link text.
    • urls is required. A plain object with the following properties:
      • prod is optional, defaults to // The production URL.
      • request is required. Usually the express req.url value.
      • app is optional, defaults to an empty string. Usually the host URL and the proxy prefix path.
      • siteUrl is optional, overides default url on the site name only.
    • selectors is optional, defaults to a plain object with the following properties:
      • logo is optional, defaults to .imageWrapper img.
      • siteName is optional, defaults to .siteName a.
      • localeLink is optional, defaults to a.localeLink.


npm i kth-node-cortina-block

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