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Kred API client for Node.js

Kred API client for Node.js

This library allows you to easily access all API endpoints for Kred. Refer to the Kred API documentation for more details.


Request a free API key at


Use your app id and app key to create a Kred instance

var Kred = require('kred');
var kred = new Kred(APP_ID, APP_KEY);

Default configuration can be overriden by providing a config object

var kred = new Kred(APP_ID, APP_KEY, {
    protocol: 'http',
    host: '',
    port: 80

Call any of the available API methods kredscore, kred, kredentials, dailyscore, dailypoints, activityStream, friendStream, kredinfluence, kredoutreach, kredretweetinfluence with a parameters object and a callback function

var parameters = {source: 'twitter', term: 'dirkbonhomme'};
kred.kredscore(parameters, function(error, results){
        console.log('Something went wrong', error);
        console.log('Results', results);

or call new/unsupported API endpoints

kred.request('kredscore', parameters, callback);


The library is published to NPM and can be installed with the following command:

$ npm install kred


Navigate to this module's repository and make sure you have the development modules installed:

$ npm install

Run the tests:

$ npm test