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Lead Maintainer: Matt Edelmann

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Compile-on-the-fly and other development tools for use when building express applications.

Dependency considerations

Without a great system for supporting optional peer dependencies, here are some minimum versions for using plugins shipped with kraken-devtools:

  1. node-sass@^1.0.0

Middleware compiler

The middleware compiler builds your dependencies as they are requested, allowing you to run your express application as-is and not have to set up a watch task.


var app = require('express')(),
    devtools = require('kraken-devtools');
app.use(devtools(/* src, dest [, config] */));


src - The directory of your source files
dest - The destination directory for the compiled files
config - Optional. An object of compilers to enable


less, sass, stylus, dustjs, and a static copier plugin are available to use. To enable, set the module and files properties in your config, e.g.:

    "less": {
        "module": "kraken-devtools/plugins/less",
        "files": "/css/**/*.css",
        "ext": "less"

To add additional compilers, create a module with the following format and add it to your configuration:

module.exports = function (options) {
    return function (data, args, callback) {
        // Compile the data 


Thanks to iantocristian we now have browserify support for kraken-devtools