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    A task runner that goes where npm scripts won't, for the true capo.


    Run npm install -g kpo for a global install.

    Table of Contents


    kpo can be used exclusivelly programmatically or with its CLI.

    Tasks (see definition) are plain synchronous or asynchronous functions that take a Context as an argument.

    Tasks can be used in an exclusively programmatic manner or with kpo's CLI. The CLI expects a kpo.tasks.js file exporting a a Task.Record as a default.

    Contexts are used by tasks to determine things such as the current working directory, environment variables, cancellation state, logging level, or stdio streams. In that sense, tasks, at least those created with kpo's creation functions, are independent of the process current state and can be cancelled. A task's context can in turn be manipulated to be different only for certain tasks, even within a group of serial or parallel tasks.

    Programmatic Usage

    • Tasks
      • Creation
        • create: a task creation helper.
        • context: manipulates the context of a task.
      • Aggregate
        • series: runs a group of tasks in series.
        • parallel: runs a group of tasks in parallel.
        • combine: selects a task of group of tasks from a nested tasks record to run in series.
      • Exception
        • raises: raises an error.
        • catches: catches an error in a task and optionally run an alternate task.
        • finalize: executes a task after another regardless of whether the first task errored.
      • Filesystem
        • mkdir: creates a directory.
        • write: writes a file.
        • edit: edits a file.
        • copy: copies files or directories.
        • move: moves files or directories.
        • remove: removes files or directories.
        • watch: watches for changes and runs a task for change events.
      • Process
        • exec: spawns a process.
      • Schedule
        • sleep: stops execution for a given time.
        • repeat: repeats a task for a number of times.
        • timeout: sets a timeout for a task.
      • Stdio
        • log: prints a message with a given logging level.
        • print: prints a message.
        • clear: clears the stdout.
        • silence: suppresses the stdio for a task.
        • announce: logs a task route before execution and/or upon success.
        • interactive: marks a task as interactive to error or run an alternate task on non-interactive environments.
        • progress: shows a spinner while the task is in progress.
        • prompt: prompts for a user response.
        • confirm: executes a task in response to user confirmation or rejection.
        • select: executes a task in response to user selection.
      • Reflection
        • lift: lifts tasks on a record to a package.json file.
        • list: prints all available tasks on a task record.
    • Utils
      • run: runs a task.
      • style: styles a string.
      • fetch: fetches a file with a tasks record as a default export.
      • recreate: maps all tasks in a tasks record.
      • isCi: indicates whether a context environment variables indicate it's running in a CI.
      • isCancelled: resolves with the current cancellation state for a context.
      • isInteractive: indicates whether a context is that of an interactive environment.
      • isLevelActive: indicates whether a logging level is enabled for a context.

    CLI Usage

    Common options

    These are common options for all kpo subcommands. They must always be passed before any subcommand or scope.

      $ kpo [options] [command]
      -f, --file <path>       Configuration file
      -d, --dir <path>        Project directory
      -e, --env <value>       Environment variables
      --level <value>         Logging level
      --prefix                Prefix tasks output with their route
      -h, --help              Show help
      -v, --version           Show version number
      :run          Runs tasks (default)
      :watch        Watch paths and run tasks on change events
      :list         List available tasks
      :lift         Lift tasks to package
      $ kpo foo bar baz
      $ kpo -e NODE_ENV=development -e BABEL_ENV=node :run foo

    kpo :run

    Runs tasks.

    kpo :run doesn't take additional options, other than the general CLI options.

    Note that the :run command can be omitted. When no command is passed, kpo will assume you're passing it tasks to run. Hence, kpo :run foo bar and kpo foo bar are equivalent.

    kpo :watch

    Watch a path and run tasks on change events
      $ kpo :watch [options] -- [args]
      -g, --glob              Parse globs in paths
      -p, --prime             Runs the task once when ready to wait for changes
      -f, --fail              Finalizes the watch effort if a given task fails
      -c, --clear             Clear stdout before tasks execution
      -i, --include <value>   Paths to include
      -e, --exclude <value>   Paths to exclude
      -s, --symlinks          Follow symlinks
      --parallel              Don't cancel running tasks
      --debounce <number>     Avoid rapid task restarts (ms)
      --depth <number>        Limit subdirectories to traverse
      --poll <number>         Use polling for every ms interval
      -h, --help              Show help
      $ kpo :watch -i ./src foo bar baz
      $ kpo :watch -i ./src -i ./test foo
      $ kpo -e NODE_ENV=development :watch -i ./src bar

    kpo :list

    List available tasks
      $ kpo :list [options]
      --defaults      List default tasks and subtasks by their own
      -h, --help      Show help

    kpo :lift

    Lift tasks to a package.json
      $ kpo :lift [options]
      --purge             Purge all non-kpo scripts
      --defaults          Lift default tasks and subtasks by their own
      --mode <value>      Lift mode of operation (confirm, fix, dry, audit)
      -h, --help          Show help


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