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Kaliver HTML5 Video Player

Kaliver Player offers you to best usecase of modern HTML5 midea playback and few other features with a very lightweight way.

In most case setting up a video player on your web/hybrid app is a huge pain and requires a bunch line of javascript (if you prefer HTML5 player instead) Kaliver Player actually requires 0% configuration to get started (in particularly webkit based webViews)

First of all you have to refer (just) the kplayer.js file to your html file (But you have to keep the extras folder in the same directory) - just like

<script type="text/javascript" src="kplayer.js"></script>

And afterward

<player class="kp-init" title="Amazing Drone Shoot" 

That's all you need to getting started. Just putting the class name "kp-init" will initiate the player where putted the element and will cover 640x360 Pixel. Kaliver player will automatically configure few other things.

FYI - Kaliver Player supports all HTML attribute that supported by official HTML5 video/audio player (for example autoplay="true" preload="false"). It'll add some dependence (depends on availability).

Checkout the demo of kPlayer :

Kaliver Player having some trouble with Mozilla FireFox browser but I'm working to make it stable on every device and open to get designs to changes its layouts - there also a AngularJS Plugin you use rightaway

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