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CKAN Provider for Koop

This provider makes it possible to access ckan's JSON API as either GeoJSON or an Esri FeatureService. This is particular useful for making maps and doing analysis on the web.


To install/use this provider you first need a working installation of Koop. Then from within the koop directory you'll need to run the following:

  npm install

Register CKAN Hosts

Once this provider's been installed you need to "register" an instance of CKAN with your Koop instance. To do this you make POST request to the /ckan endpoint like so:

  curl --data "host=" localhost:1337/ckan

What you'll need for that request to work is an ID and a the URL of the ckan instance. The ID is what you'll use to reference datasets that come from ckan in Koop.

To make sure this works you can visit: http://localhost:1337/ckan and you should see all of the register hosts.

Access CKAN Data

To access a dataset hosted in CKAN you'll need a "dataset id" from CKAN which could be referenced in Koop like so:


Here's a few examples of data hosted in ckan and accessed via Koop