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A runtime configuration loader for node apps.

npm install konf

It's purpose is to allow moving seamlessly from configuration files to process.env variables. When deploying to SaaS platforms like Heroku/Nodejitsu/etc non-versioned file uploads are not a possibility. Konf allows you to fallback to environment variables without any changes to your code.

It's also self-documenting, so users installing your application have clear instructions to follow:



var Konf = require('konf')

var config = new Konf().describe({
    appDomain: "The application domain/host name"
  , authCallback: "OAuth callback"
  , twitter: {
        key: "Twitter API key"
        secret: "Twitter API secret"

This will attemp to populate the given config values first from ./config.(js|json|coffee) file and then from properties on process.env. Environment keys are automatically converted from camelCase to snake_case, and are case-insensitive.


Default values can be set either by calling the defaults method:

var config = new Konf().describe({
    appname: 'Application name'
    appname: 'testapp'

Or, for convenience, by passing a [description, defaultValue] array to each key in the describe call:

var config = new Konf().describe({
    appname: ['Application name', 'testapp']

Keep in mind that keys with a default value set will not trigger any warnings when missing from specified config files.