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Komada Framework Documentation

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Komada is a modular framework for bots built on top of Discord.js. It offers an extremely easy installation, downloadable commands, and a framework to build your own commands, modules, and functions.

What's with the name?

Komada is the Croatian word for "pieces", such as puzzle pieces. As usual to find my software name I just shove english words in a translator and see what comes out. But why "pieces"? Because Komada is modular, meaning each "piece" is a standalone part that can be easily replaced, enhanced, reloaded, removed.

Installing Komada

Time to take the plunge! Komada is on NPM and can be easily installed.

I assume you know how to open a command prompt in a folder where you want to install this. Please don't prove me wrong.

npm install --production komada hydrabolt/discord.js

Create a file called app.js (or whatever you prefer) which will initiate and configure Komada.

const komada = require("komada");
const client = new komada.Client({
  ownerID : "your-user-id",
  prefix: "+",
  clientOptions: {
    fetchAllMembers: false,
  cmdLogging: true,

Configuration Options

  • botToken: The MFA token for your bot. To get this, please see This discord.js Getting Started Guide, which explains how to create the bot and get the token.
  • ownerID: The User ID of the bot owner - you. This gives you the highest possible access to the bot's default commands, including eval! To obtain it, enable Developer Mode in Discord, right-click your name and do "Copy ID".

As of Komada 0.20.4, If you do not set this option, the ownerID will default the creator of the application on the discord developer website. This only works if your bot is not a self/user bot.

  • prefix: The default prefix when the bot first boots up. This option becomes useless after first boot, since the prefix is written to the default configuration system.
  • clientOptions: These are passed directly to the discord.js library. They are optional. For more information on which options are available, see ClientOptions in the discord.js docs.
  • permStructure: It allows you to configure the permission levels from Komada, with a range of 0-10. You can also use Komada.PermLevels constructor.
  • cmdLogging: If set to true, it console.logs EVERY successful command run, where, the user who ran it, and the time it took to process the command with a sexy color format.

Komada automatically detects selfbot mode, and takes appropriate precautions, such as not responding to anyone but yourself.

Running the bot

Then, run the following in your folder:

node app.js

Requirements: This version of Komada requires Node 8.1.0 or higher to run. Depends on Discord.js v12.0.0-dev or higher (the appropriate version is automatically installed).


Please check Komada Docs to learn more about Komada Framework and its usage. Any doubts? Ask us here.




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