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Simple Koco component to wrap form controls in markup for koco-validation


bower install koco-validated-form-control

Usage with KOCO

This is a shared module that is used in many other modules. The convention is to register the component in the components.js file like so:

koUtilities.registerComponent('validated-form-control', {
    basePath: 'bower_components/koco-validated-form-control/src'

You will also need to require the handler dependencies in the knockout-binding-handlers.js file:

], function() {});


<validated-form-control params="property: observableContent().propertyName, required: boolean"> 

Where params can contain:

  • property : The observable data you want validated
  • required : boolean; adds the required class to your form-group div

The validated-form-control component will expand to:

<div class="form-group <!-- ko if: required -->required<!-- /ko-->" data-bind="formGroupValidationCssClass : property.formGroupValidationCssClass">
    <span class="help-block" data-bind="helpBlockValidationMessage: property.helpBlockValidationMessage"></span>

It expects your observable data to be extended with knockout-validation rules. For example:

    required: {
        message: 'The title is required.'
    maxLength: {
        params: 200,
        message: 'The title should not be longer than 200 characters.'