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Toastr wrapper for use in a KOCO project. It includes styles to match the bootstrap aesthetic.


bower install koco-toastr

Usage with KOCO

This is a shared module that is used in many other modules. It includes the toastr library as a bower dependency. The convention is to configure an alias in the require.configs.js with the name bootstrap-toastr like so:

paths: {
  'bootstrap-toastr': 'bower_components/koco-toastr/src/koco-toastr-ui',
  'toastr': 'bower_components/toastr/toastr',

You will also need to import the styles into less/styles.less:

// Components
@import "../bower_components/koco-toastr/src/koco-toastr.less";
@import "../bower_components/toastr/toastr.less";