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This image loader component allows for placing a default image while it checks for the status of the image you're trying to display. If the image fails to load in the browser the default image stays in place. If it successfully loads the default image is replaced by the loaded image.

Getting started

Install bower component

  bower install koco-image-loader

Setup with koco

  // register the component 
  koUtilities.registerComponent('image-loader', {
    basePath: 'bower_components/koco-image-loader/src'
  // style.less 
  @import "../bower_components/koco-image-loader/src/image-loader.less";

Include image-loader tag with params

    params : 
      - width = 256
      - height = 256
      - src = {image src}
      - defaultImgClassName = 'default-img'
      - error = {
          className : 'default-error',
          display : true
      - autoRatio = false // if set to true the height will be set automatically
  <image-loader params="width:100, height:100, src= '{image url}'">

Overriding default css

This is done by simply extending koco-image-loader

  // overriding default style 
  .custom-style:extend(koco-image-loader) {
    // insert custom styling here 
      // insert custom styling here 
      // insert custom styling here 

Don't forget to pass the appropriate parameters to image-loader

    params="src: '{image url}', defaultImgClassName: 'custom-lazy-default-img', error: {className :  'custom-error'} ">