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Tool for checking code quality and for use in continuous integration.

koala-t will

  • lint your files using JSHint
  • run your unit tests
  • check code coverage

and pass your build if all requirements are met.


With npm

$ npm install koala-t -g

you can then use koala-t to test your projects locally

Adding to CI


In your package.json file add the following:

"scripts": {
  "test": "koala-t"

"devDependencies": {
  "koala-t": "latest"


In your ci_build script run koala-t

koala-t -q


koala.json is an important file that should be located in your project's root. This JSON config file defines which files will be linted, tested and if coverage will be used.

A sample koala.json can be found in this repository since koala-t runs koala-t on itself.

The basic configuration looks like this:

  "lint": ["lib/"],
  "test": ["test/my_test.js"]

This configuration will lint all .js files in the lib/ folder and will use the test runner in the file test/my_test.js.

CLI Help

Usage: koala-t [options]


  -h, --help                 output usage information
  -c, --coverage [file]      Instrument a file for coverage
  -l, --lint [file|dir]      Lint specific file or directory
  -p, --percentage [number]  The amount of code coverage required to pass
  -q, --quiet                Keep things quiet.
  -t, --test [file|dir]      Test specific file or directory



Copyright 2012 Josh Perez,