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Convert Adapt JSON to HTML.


Note: requires Node.js to be installed.

From the command line, run:

npm install -g koadapt2html



  • Run this command inside a directory containing JSON files:
  • HTML files will be created in an koadapt2html subdirectory.
  • Each HTML file may be opened in Word with headings formatted appropriately.


  • A JSON name/value pair will be included in the HTML if meets the following criteria:
  • Name doesn’t start with an underscore _
  • Value isn’t an empty string ""
  • Objects are checked recursively by default for accepted name/value pairs.
  • exceptions.json contains a blacklist and whitelist for exceptions to these rules.
  • To override the default exceptions.json, simply include a version of this file in your working directory.
  • Objects may be added to the blacklist with the syntax <objectName>.*