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Koa SPDY Push

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SPDY Push helper for Koa. Automatically handles close events and errors to avoid leaks.


push(this, options)

var push = require('koa-spdy-push')({
  threshold: 1kb
app.use(function* () {
  if (!this.res.isSpdy) return
  push(this, {
    path: '/image.png',
    filename: 'image.png',
    headers: {
      'content-type': 'image/png'

Pushes a file in a separate coroutine. Options:

  • path - The url of the stream
  • headers - Headers of the stream
  • priority: 7 - SPDY Push stream priority, defaults to lowest
  • body - a body of the stream, either a String, Buffer, or Stream.Readable
  • filename - a filename of a body. Use this to push bodies without creating a stream first (otherwise you'll create file descriptor leaks)

Either body or filename is required.

Don't set the following headers. These headers will be automatically set:

  • content-encoding
  • content-length