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    Lighting fast favicon middleware for Koa


    • Caches favicon for fast responses
    • Supports all favicon file formats
    • Built-in ETag support
    • Easy Cache-control header options
    • Simple API


    npm i koa-icon

    Getting Started

    const Koa = require('koa')
    const favicon = require('koa-icon')
    const app = new Koa()


    Serving a Favicon

    koa-icon comes with great default options making serving a favicon effortless. Simply provide the relative path to your favicon file and pass the middleware to Koa with a app.use(). It's recommended placing koa-icon above routers and other middleware that serve static files


    File Formats

    All favicon file formats are supported by koa-icon. Use the options.type parameter to set the file format of your favicon

    app.use(favicon('/favicon.png'), { type: 'png' })

    Using a Buffer

    Reading your favicon from file or requesting it from another source can be done manually by passing koa-icon a object of type Buffer

    const icon = fs.readFileSync('./favicon.ico')

    Setting the Cache-Control HTTP Header

    The Cash-Control HTTP header is used to specify browser cashing policies in both client requests and server responses.Use the options.maxAge perimeter to pass the number of seconds you wish for clients to cache the favicon

    app.use(favicon('./favicon.ico'), { maxAge: 3600 }) // 1 hour

    koa-icons default value for options.maxAge is 86400 (1 day), and will max out at 31536000 (1 year)

    ETags and Request Freshness

    An ETag is a unique identifer assigned by the web server to a specific version of a resource then passed to the client within the HTTP ETag header of the response. When the resource is updated or changed a new unique ETag is generated. koa-icon uses the etag module to generate ETags.

    Request freshness is determined by matching the current resources ETag against the ETag received from the If-None-Match HTTP request header. Fresh requests are responded with a status code of 304 (not modified) and stale requests are sent a status code of 200 along with the favicon in the response body. Support for ETags and freshness checking is built into koa-icon by default.


    Contributors are welcome, feel free to submit a new pull request to help improve koa-icon.


    npm i koa-icon

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