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Better, smaller, faster - koa middleware for limit request by ip, store in-memory.

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Install with npm

$ npm install koa-better-ratelimit
$ npm test

This package follows ferver

Please read history.md for more info!

  • option message_429 deprecated >=v2.1.x, instead use accessLimited
  • option message_403 deprecated >=v2.1.x, instead use accessForbidden


Some demo example which is exactly example.js

var app   = require('koa')(),
    limit = require('./index');
  duration: 1000 * 60 * 3, //3 mins
  max: 5
  //blackList: ['']
app.use(function * helloWorld(next) {
  this.body = 'Hello World';
  yield next;
var port = process.env.PORT || 3333;
console.log('Koa server start listening on port ' + port);


With options through init you can control black/white lists, limit per ip and reset interval.

  • [options] {Object}
    • duration {Integer} Limit duration in milliseconds, default 1000 * 60 * 60 * 1 (1 hour)
    • whiteList {Array} All ips that won't be limited, default empty array
    • blackList {Array} All ips that always be limited and 403, default empty array
    • accessLimited {String} Message for all requests after limit, default 429: Too Many Requests.
    • accessForbidden {String} Message for limited/forbidden, default 403: This is forbidden area for you.
    • max {Integer} Max requests per ip, default 500
    • env {Boolean} Manage enviroment, for tests will use x-koaip header, default null
  • return {GeneratorFunction}


Between koa-better-ratelimit and koa-ratelimit

  • Support blackList and whiteList options
  • Pure in-memory store, no other adapters
  • duration option in seconds, not in milliseconds
  • 7 working tests
  • removed db option
  • added Retry-After header
  • added separate 403 and 429 option messages

Between koa-better-ratelimit and koa-limit

  • koa-limit is totally broken (to v1.0.1)
  • removed redis and test dependencies
  • smaller, better, working, simple
  • added separate 403 and 429 option messages

Authors & Contributors

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License MIT license

Copyright (c) 2014 Charlike Make Reagent, contributors.
Released under the MIT license.

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