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The name's a bit of a joke, I was just amused by the existence of koa-router and koa-better-router. This probably isn't the bestest Koa router.

When trying to track down an issue in another router, I was shocked by how much state mutation and code they were using. So I wrote this.

No mutations, not much code = easy to understand and debug. Intended for simple apps. If I need something more complex later, I'll come up with some way to compose or nest routers.


A single function. It takes a POJO map of HTTP methods to a map of routes to handler functions.

It returns a Koa middleware function.

const createRouter = require('koa-bestest-router')
const routerMiddleware = createRouter({
    GET: {
        '/pie': async (context, next) => {
            context.body = 'Yay pie!'
        '/cake/:flavor': async (context, next) => {
            context.body = `I like ${context.params.flavor} cake`
    POST: {
        '/cake/:flavor': async (context, next) => {

routerMiddleware = createRouter(routes, [options])

routes is a map of HTTP methods to maps of path-to-regexp routes to handler functions.

Routes will be checked in a deterministic order from top to bottom, thanks to ES2015.

options is an object with only one supported property at the moment:

  • set404: defaults to false. When true, will set context.status = 404 when no matching routes are found for a request.