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Atomic sessions for Koa.

  • Currently uses MongoDB.
  • Atomic updates - don't butcher the entire session.
  • Don't grab the session from the database unless necessary.
  • Better error handling.
  • Includes CSRF token handling


// create the app 
var app = koa()
// attach the session to the app 
var MongoDBSession = require('koa-atomic-session')(app, {
  maxAge: '1 month'
// asynchronously attach the collection 
// you should not start the app until you do this 
require('mongodb').MongoClient.connect('mongodb://localhost', function (err, db) {
  if (err) throw err
  // set the collection 
  MongoDBSession.collection = db.collection('sessions')
  // ensure indexes every time! 
// use it in your app 
app.use(function* (next) {
  var session = yield this.session()
  yield session.unset('user_id')
  yield session.set('user_id', new ObjectID()).then(session.update)


var Session = Session(app, [options])


  • key - cookie key
  • maxAge - default to 14 days

this.session().then( session => )

Grab the session from the database asynchronously.

session.touch().then( session => )

Updates the new expires time.

session[command](arguments...).then( => )

Change properties of the session. See database-specific options below.

session.update().then( => )

Updates all the properties of the session object after running a command. Should always be added to a .then().

yield session.set('message', 'hello')
assert.equal(session.message, 'hello')

session.destroy.then( => )

Destroys the session without creating a new one.

session.regenerate.then( session => )

Creates a brand new session.

var csrf = session.createCSRF()

Create a CSRF token.


Assert that a CSRF token is valid.


MongoDBSession.ensureIndex().then( => )

Adds indexes on the expires property so that expires are automatically set.

MongoDBSession.collection =

Set the collection asynchronously. You should set this collection before starting your app.

session[command](arguments...).then( => )

Supports most MongoDB properties. This uses mongodb-next internally. Some commands that are supported are:

  • `.set(key, value)``
  • .unset(key)
  • .rename(name, newName)
  • .pull()
  • .addToSet()