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Knockout.js extender that stores observables in the browser's LocalStorage.


Using Bower (preferred)

This project is available through the Bower package manager. To download the project run

bower install ko-extender-stored

Using GitHub releases

You can also use the GitHub Release-Page to download this project.


This project requires Knockout to be added before itself.

As you may have seen, the download contains multiple files named ko-extender-stored.js. Refer to Which file to use to get the best out of this project.

Using AMD (preferred)

Just define Knockout.js and ko-extender-stored as dependencies of the modules that use the extender. E.g.:

define(['knockout', 'ko-extender-stored'], function(ko) {
    // ko-extender-stored is available as ko.extenders.stored

Using a <script>-Tag

Simply reference the main-file after importing Knockout.js within the HTML head or body:

<script src="path/to/knockout.js"></script>
<script src="path/to/ko-extender-stored.js"></script>


Just like a regular Knockout extender.

var storedObservable = ko.observable('initial value').extend({stored: 'testVar'});

In this example, storedObservable is stored in LocalStorage as testVar. If LocalStorage already contains an item named testVar, the extender uses the stored value.


The following options can be passed to ko.extenders.stored.options. E.g. (using AMD):

define(['knockout', 'ko-extender-stored'], function(ko) {
  ko.extenders.stored.options.anOption = theValueToSet;

Note that options must be set before using the extender.


In some cases it may be required to prefix the stored item names. In this case set ko.extenders.stored.options.prefix to true (to use the default prefix) or a string containing the prefix you want to use.

Further Info

Which file to use

The download contains multiple versions of the main file:

Path Content Usage
out/dist/ko-extender-stored.js Main production build Can be used as AMD, CommonJS or browser global module, minified.
out/dist/amd/ko-extender-stored.js AMD production build Can be used as an AMD module, minified.
out/debug/ko-extender-stored.js Main debug build Can be used as AMD, CommonJS or browser global module, prints debug messages to console.
out/debug/amd/ko-extender-stored.js AMD debug build Can be used as an AMD module, prints debug messages to console.
src/ko-extender-stored.js ES6 Source module Useful if you want to generate custom builds.

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