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    Knowledge Anywhere LMS API SDK

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    SDK for Interacting with the Knowledge Anywhere LMS API.

    contact Documentation if you would like more information.


    Knowledge Anywhere

    Installation and Getting Started

    • You will need Audience and Secret keys for authorization. These can be obtained by going to into the admin panel for your LMS and navigating to Site > External API keys.
    • run the cmd npm i knowledgeanywhere --save to get the package.
    • The SDK expects the constants LMS_AUDIENCE, LMS_SECRET to be present as process variables. The easiest way to accomplish this is to use an .env file that is loaded via Foreman or dotenv. If you are directed to use a different API url, use the LMS_API_URL environment variable.


    • Refer to Documentation to see available method calls.
    • All methods. return a promise and are async/await friendly.


    • Bugs related to the SDK should be filed under this Github Repository. Be sure to include your Node version and any relevant error information.
    • Issues with the LMS API itself should be emailed to


    • Clone repo onto your machine
    • Create a .env file with LMS_AUDIENCE, LMS_SECRET keys. Fill in LMS_AUDIENCE and LMS_SECRET from the values that are attained in the admin section of your LMS under the Site Menu. Set environment to stage.
    • Run npm install
    • To run tests run npm tests

    To update documentation, run npm run-script generate-docs

    Debugging in VS Code

    The recommended editor for working on the SDK is Visual Studio code, which is has a debug configuration already setup. In the specs folder, modify the file manual-tests.js to run through the code you desire to debug. When you're ready, select the "debug" icon in the pane and click "launch program" and it will hit any breakpoints you set.

    See also: Visual Studio Code - Debugger Documentation

    Pull Requests will not be considered until public availability


    npm i knowledgeanywhere

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