Knotter is a micro framework to create web application


knot module is a nodejs middleware to create websites.

I really love ExpressJS and Connect. But what I wanted to do was to implement a pseudo WSGI-like system. The main goal is to bundle some of my prefered modules in one place:

  • sessions - simple session management
  • swig for template engine
  • use mimetype, underscore, etc...

At this time, you need to do some operation manually:

cd /path/to/yor/working/directory
npm install underscore swig mime sessions
cd node_modules
git clone
cd ..

Then, you can implement your first appliction, create a "site.js" file:

var knot = require('knot');
//handler should serve get, post, put, delete requests 
//you only have to implement route (as regexp) with right name 
var Page1Handler = new knot.handler({
  route: '/page1',
  getfunction (){
    // there you can get: this.sessions, this.response, this.request 
    // and this.aparams (ordered from captured regexp if any) 
    // you can write response with this.end("Text to send to client"); 
    // or render a template: this.render('path to template', context_object) 
    this.response.end("Welcome on page 1 !");
var server = knot.Server({
  handlers : [Page1Handler], //list of handlers, 
  statics : ['css', 'js'], // directory names to be served statically 
  templatess: './content/templates' // directory where templates can be found 
server.serve(); //default listen on (open to check result)