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Knockout bindings to Twitter Bootstrap 3


Knockstrap is binding library for Knockout.js, which provides bindings to Twitter Bootstrap widgets

  • Modal
  • Tooltip
  • Popover
  • Alert
  • Progress
  • Toggle button
  • Radio button
  • Checkbox button
  • Carousel
  • Pagination
  • Pager



  • jQuery (Any compatible with Bootstrap 3 version)
  • Twitter Bootstrap 3 (CSS and JavaScript)
  • Knockout.js (>=2.3.0)

NuGet | Bower | Jam | npm

Install node.js and grunt plugin.

Install all grunt plugins:

npm install

Then you can build project with:


Also, you can specify custom build and temp directories:

grunt -buildPath=D:/custom/build -tempPath=D:/custom/temp

To build examples use:

grunt examples

Also, you can specify custom examples directory:

grunt -examplesPath=D:/custom/examples

To run unit-tests, use:

grunt jasmine

To run building, tests and minification, use:

grunt release 

License: MIT License