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An auto completion binding for Knockout.

An auto completion binding for Knockout.

var viewModel = {
    keywords: ko.observableArray([
        'abstract', 'add', 'alias', 'as', 'ascending',
        'async', 'await', 'base', 'bool', 'break'
<input data-bind="autocomplete: { data: keywords, maxItems: 6 }" value=""/>

You can use the following options to configure the behavior of the auto completion.

An array or an observable array of completion candidates.

The number of items that the auto completion binding should maximally show.

The min lenght of the query before showing the completion suggestions.

A function that will format the items for displaying as suggestions to the user. The function should return a string.

The function that will be called when a completion suggestion has been chosen by the user. You can return a string from the function to update the value of the input field.

An observable the contain the text query the items should be filtered by.

A css class that will be applied to the menu element.

An observable that decides whether the completion menu is shown.

Use this flag to disable automatically filtering of the data items.

A string of characters that will trigger a completion. See the examples for how to complete on comma or semicolon.

Here is a rendering function the item without highlighting the match:

function (completionItem) {
    return  '<li>' + completionItem.label + '</li>';

Appends the autocomplete element, after the target element (input). In this way, the autocomplete can be positioned absolute, but within a container surrounding both input and autocomplete. See the example on how to use it.

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