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Knockout refs

Knockout, by default, does not give a way to access child components from their parents. This is sometimes desireble. This simple knockout plugin solves this problem in a similar way that React does.


On your child component element define a ref:

<div data-bind="click: callback">
  <child data-bind="ref: 'child'></child>

Then the instance governing the <child> element you can find in ko.bindingHandlers.ref.refs (or if you use browserify const refs = require("knockout-refs"));

In this example it will be ko.unwrap(ko.bindingHandlers.ref.refs.child).
References are packed inside an observable, and you can subscribe to it, the instance will change, whenever the component governing the child will change ( this might be useful, when you use some kind of routing that change the component of the top most element).

Note that references are created after parent is instantiated, so you cannot access them when parent component's custructor is called (as in React, where you cannot access refs in render method).

There is also refFn binding which accepts as its arguments an object {ref: string: callback: function}. The callback is called asynchronously, since first knockout has to instantiate all the children which is after the parent is instantiated. Sinve refFn controls descendant bindings you cannot use on any other element that does the same, for example on any other element which has a component binding (e.g. a knockout custom element).

Final remarks

Often by moving 'state' up the component tree you can avoid using this approach, though sometimes a cleaner approach is to have some public methods on the child accessible by the parent.


npm i knockout-refs

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