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> knid config
Config created in ~/.knid/config.json
Please update with your database credentials.
Then run `knid ddoc`.
> knid ddoc
Design doc created at http://localhost:5984/knid/_design/knid
> knid p A nifty CouchDB library for Node.js
Link posted to http://localhost:5984/knid/_design/knid/_rewrite/

A design doc will be checked for & created & updated at _design/knid.

Info will be posted to a stream at http://localhost:5984/knid/_design/knid/_rewrite/. The above example will appear as a link.

Current Status and Demo

Right now only posting links, with text is supported. No date is shown but it's sorted by date.

I have a demo at Public create permissions are on, so if you do the following you might be able to post to it:

  1. run npm install knid
  2. run knid config
  3. open ~/.knid/config.json and replace http://localhost:5984/ with
  4. run knid p a comment


  • Add error handling for knid ddoc
  • Implement posting plain text from stdin, ala bcat
  • Add setup instructions
  • Implement pagination
  • Implement daily archive