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A handy bag of sass utilities and mixins


A handy bag of Sass mixins and utilities, and the Sass little brother to Stylus's Axis Library.

Knapsack only provides pure css as defined by the w3c spec any browser prefixing can and should be applied by auto-prefixer.

note: This library is in early development and new mixins are being added quickly. Breaking changes will follow semver in development until 1.0.

Currently there are 3 installation options:

  • With npm: npm install knapsack
  • With bower: bower install knapsack
  • or manually import knapsack/index into your css pipeline

Full documentation is here.

Experiment with the latest version of Knapsack on Codepen.

  1. Clone/fork the repo:
  2. Install dependencies: npm install
  3. Install linter: gem install scss-lint
  4. Add/edit scss in /knapsack
  5. Add comments to code following Sassdoc format
  6. Run linter: scss-lint knapsack -c .scss-style.yml
  7. Create pull request

(Publishing instructions for contributors here)

Several mixins ported and adapted from the incredible Axis Stylus Library and a resets are from scut.