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Utilities to handle Mongoose Schema Definitions, to convert to JSON and vice versa


klei-mongodef is a utility library for working with Mongoose Schema definitions.

The library can convert a Mongoose Schema definition to JSON or the other way around, which is useful for sending schema definitions via e.g. a REST API or Websockets.

Install klei-mongodef with npm:

npm install klei-mongodef
var mongodef = require('klei-mongodef');

Convert a Mongoose Schema Definition to a JSON string

  • @param {Object} definition
  • @returns {String}

Get a Schema Definition object from JSON

  • @param {Object|String} json
  • @returns {Object}

Make sure the dev-dependencies are installed, and then run:

npm test

klei-mongodef uses the Git Flow branching model so make your pull requests to the develop branch.