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A minimal static blogengine that watches a directory for posts in markdown.


npm install -g kindred


kindred [--interval <seconds>] template_file publish_dir target_dir
  • --interval check for posts this many seconds (defaults to 10)
  • template_file a jade template
  • publish_dir a directory full of markdown files
  • target_dir a directory to drop a rendered index.html

While kindred is running, simply move markdown files into publish_dir. They will be published every interval seconds using template.jade.

kindred will publish posts in date descending order based on the date it first saw a post. You can override this by editing the date string that is inserted at the bottom of each post.


This blogging engine was written to be incredibly convenient to use...For me. Your mileage will vary. I've included the template I use for my site,, as example_template.jade.


Nathaniel K Smith


All code is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0.


kindred is named for Philip Kindred Dick.