Amazon Kindle My Clippings.txt file parser

The module parses My Clippings.txt file into an object.

The format of the returned object:

  title: 'What Every Web Developer Should Know About HTTP',
  author: 'OdeToCode Programming Series',
  time: 'Wednesday, April 30th, 2014, 10:50:53 PM',
  location: '1315',
  text: 'is encrypted and hashed to prevent tampering.'
var kindleMyClippings = require('kindle-my-clippings');
var options = {
  file: 'path_to_your_file',
  format: 'object'
kindleMyClippings.init(options, function (data) {
  // data is an object with parsed clippings 

You can choose object or json as format.

You can parse your My Clippings.txt file into a searchable html file. Example html output.

First you have to install the module globally: npm install kindle-my-clippings -g.

Running kindle-my-clippings html will produce an index.html file, providing you have a My 'Clippings.txt' file in the current folder.

You can also explicitly specify a file: kindle-my-clippings html your_file_name.