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    🌱 a minimalistic web development toolkit

    This is a small and simple toolkit for rapid web development with JavaScript and ES Modules. It is built on top of the fast and flexible esbuild JavaScript bundler.

    Features at a glance:

    • Most of esbuild's features, including importing TypeScript, JSX, JSON, CSS, and various other file formats
    • A fast and lightweight development server
    • A fast and lightweight file watcher that triggers reloads in your browser upon file change
    • Built-in support for Svelte and GLSL shaders
    • Built-in support for rich media exporting

    This is similar to other projects such as budo (now obsolete), parcel and vite. Kigo is designed primarily for small websites and creative code sketches that may not require a complex infrastructure, and as a result tends to have a smaller surface area.

    Requirements: node@16.x and npm@7.x or higher.

    Quick Start

    Install the tool globally for quick demos:

    npm install kigo -g

    Then run it on a JavaScript, HTML file or other entry point.

    kigo index.js

    When it's time to build:

    # emit all static files to dist/ folder
    kigo build index.js --dir=dist/

    You can also use kigo as a plain static server, perhaps to test the build locally or even as a production server for your website.

    # serve the static folder in development mode (no cache)
    kigo serve dist/ --dev


    MIT, see for details.


    npm i kigo

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