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Kickass Express

Starter setup for a kickass Express application.



Kickstart Express requires Node.js and NPM.

To install NodeJS visit NodeJS.

What is Kickass Express?

Kickass Express is a minimal framework that provide a bare bone Express application with testing. Its purpose is to provide a start-up structure and guidelines to optimally develop a web application around Express routing and middlewares.

What comes with Kickass Express?

Kickass Express comes pre-baked with... coming soon.

Getting Started With Kicksass Express

  • Install NodeJS.
  • Download Kickass Express from NPM, Bower, or GitHub.
  • Run "npm install" via Terminal to install all dependencies.
  • Run "npm start" to start up the server.
  • Run "npm test" to run the testing suite.
  • Run "npm run watch" for development.