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KAT (Kickass Torrent) api wrapper with mirror fallback and advanced search parameters.

Simple search

var kat = require('kat-api');

kat.search('test').then(function (data) {
    }).catch(function (error) {

Advanced search

        query: 'Anger Management',
        category: 'tv',
        min_seeds: '10',
        uploader: 'ettv',
        sort_by: 'seeders',
        order: 'desc',
        verified: 1,
        language: 'en'
    }).then(function (data) {
    }).catch(function (error) {

Output example:

page: 2
response_time: 743
results: Array[25]
total_pages: 824
total_results: 20578
{ 0
        category: "TV"
        comments: 16
        files: 3
        guid: "http://kat.cr/anger-management-s02e34-hdtv-xvid-afg-t7861470.html"
        hash: "8427C27F3081F7B05E1F036B851A6847124D73F5"
        leechs: 2
        link: "http://kat.cr/anger-management-s02e34-hdtv-xvid-afg-t7861470.html"
        magnet: "magnet:?xt=urn:btih:8427C27F3081F7B05E1F036B851A6847124D73F5&dn=anger+management+s02e34+hdtv+xvid+afg&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Ftracker.publicbt.com%2Fannounce&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fopen.demonii.com%3A1337"
        peers: 18
        pubDate: "Friday 13 Sep 2013 02:32:42 +0000"
        seeds: 16
        size: 178012276
        title: "Anger Management S02E34 HDTV XviD-AFG"
        torrentLink: "http://torcache.net/torrent/8427C27F3081F7B05E1F036B851A6847124D73F5.torrent?title=[kat.cr]anger.management.s02e34.hdtv.xvid.afg"
        verified: 1
        votes: 81

Use example:

We'll display the magnet link for the most seeded 'Anger Management' episode.

var kat = require('kat-api');
    query: 'Anger Management',
    sort_by: 'seeders'
}).then(function (response) {
}).catch(function (error) {
    console.log('an error occured');


KAT search requires at least 1 of the following queries: query, category, min_seeds, uploader, safety_filter, verified, language, age

Every other parameter is optionnal.


  • query: search terms.
  • as shown on the above examples, it can be passed simply as a string: search('string') if you don't use any other parameter.
  • category: possible values: tv|movies|anime|applications|books|games|music|xxx|other * Subcategories can also be used in the category parameter, but I won't list them.

  • min_seeds: a number, integer. Can be contained in a string.

  • The torrent must be seeded by at least min_seeds people.
  • uploader: a KickassTorrent's username.
  • The torrent was uploaded by uploader.
  • imdb: IMDB id - movies only
  • You can pass the entire id or just the figures: 'tt2561572' or '2561572'.
  • tvrage: TVRage id - tv only

  • sort_by: possible values: seeders|leechers|time_add|files_count

  • order: possible values: asc|desc

  • safety_filter: 0 or 1. (1=true, 0=false)

  • This option turns off all the pornographic content.
  • verified: 0 or 1 (1=true, 0=false)
  • The torrent has been identified as 'not fake' by the community
  • language: langcode or language ID (see below) - only for Movie or TV
  • The spoken language. Example: en or 2.
  • age: possible values: hour|24h|week|month|year
  • The torrent has been uploaded in the last hour,day,week,month,year.
  • page: integer.
  • KAT uses 25 results max per page, navigate between pages (1 to X)


  • Regular HTTP request errors.

  • Regular Javascript errors.

  • Missing a mandatory parameter: you made an error somewhere.

  • No data: this happens when the server sent back a statusCode > 400 or if the something went wrong with the request, but the server answered.

  • No results: 0 results found. Catch this error to warn your user there were no results for its request, or to know when you reached last page.


About the language parameter:

  • English: 'en' (id:2)
  • Albanian: 'sq' (id:42)
  • Arabic: 'ar' (id:7)
  • Basque: 'eu' (id:44)
  • Bengali: 'bn' (id:46)
  • Brazilian: 'pt-br' (id:39)
  • Bulgarian: 'bg' (id:37)
  • Cantonese: 'yue' (id:45)
  • Catalan: 'ca' (id:47)
  • Chinese: 'zh' (id:10)
  • Croatian: 'hr' (id:34)
  • Czech: 'cs' (id:32)
  • Danish: 'da' (id:26)
  • Dutch: 'nl' (id:8)
  • Filipino: 'tl' (id:11)
  • Finnish: 'fi' (id:31)
  • French: 'fr' (id:5)
  • German: 'de' (id:4)
  • Greek: 'el' (id:30)
  • Hebrew: 'he' (id:25)
  • Hindi: 'hi' (id:6)
  • Hungarian: 'hu' (id:27)
  • Italian: 'it' (id:3)
  • Japanese: 'ja' (id:15)
  • Kannada: 'kn' (id:49)
  • Korean: 'ko' (id:16)
  • Lithuanian: 'lt' (id:43)
  • Malayalam: 'ml' (id:21)
  • Mandarin: 'cmn' (id:23)
  • Nepali: 'ne' (id:48)
  • Norwegian: 'no' (id:19)
  • Persian: 'fa' (id:33)
  • Polish: 'pl' (id:9)
  • Portuguese: 'pt' (id:17)
  • Punjabi: 'pa' (id:35)
  • Romanian: 'ro' (id:18)
  • Russian: 'ru' (id:12)
  • Serbian: 'sr' (id:28)
  • Slovenian: 'sl' (id:36)
  • Spanish (latin america): '' (id:41) //no langcode, use ID.
  • Spanish: 'es' (id:14)
  • Swedish: 'sv' (id:20)
  • Tamil: 'ta' (id:13)
  • Telugu: 'te' (id:22)
  • Thai: 'th' (id:24)
  • Turkish: 'tr' (id:29)
  • Ukrainian: 'uk' (id:40)
  • Vietnamese: 'vi' (id:38)


npm i kickass-api

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