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    khaled-ipsum is a Node.js module for generating passages of khaled ipsum text. Khaled ipsum text is commonly used as placeholder text in publishing, graphic design, and web development.

    Using the Module

    Install the khaled-ipsum module to use the library in your server-side Node.js projects.

    cd ~/MyProject
    npm install khaled-ipsum

    Require the khaled-ipsum module and use it to generate a passage of khaled ipsum text.

    var khaledIpsum = require('khaled-ipsum'),
        output      = khaledIpsum();

    Customizing the Output with Options

    You can pass options to the khaledIpsum() function to fine-tune the output. The API is the same on client and server. See below:

    output = khaledIpsum({
        count: 1                      // Number of words, sentences, or paragraphs to generate.
      , units: 'sentences'            // Generate words, sentences, or paragraphs.
      , sentenceLowerBound: 5         // Minimum words per sentence.
      , sentenceUpperBound: 15        // Maximum words per sentence.
      , paragraphLowerBound: 3        // Minimum sentences per paragraph.
      , paragraphUpperBound: 7        // Maximum sentences per paragraph.
      , format: 'plain'               // Plain text or html
      , words: ['ad', 'dolor', ... ]  // Custom word dictionary. Uses dictionary.words (in lib/dictionary.js) by default.
      , random: Math.random           // A PRNG function. Uses Math.random by default
      , suffix: EOL                   // The character to insert between paragraphs. Defaults to default EOL for your OS.

    Using the CLI (Node.js)

    khaled-ipsum.js includes a command line interface for generating passages of khaled ipsum text. Install the module globally to take advantage of this feature.

    npm install khaled-ipsum --global

    Execute the statement khaled-ipsum from your terminal to generate a passage of khaled ipsum text. You can pass arguments to the program to fine-tune the output.

    khaled-ipsum --units words --count 100 --copy --format html

    See below for a description of the arguments to the program.

    Argument Description
    --count The number of words, sentences or paragraphs to generate
    --units Generate words, sentences or paragraphs
    --copy Copy the output to the system clipboard
    --format html or plain text format

    You may now also use a short form when running khaled-ipsum.js from the command line. Here's some examples:

    khaled-ipsum 1 word
    khaled-ipsum 15 sentences --copy
    khaled-ipsum 5 paragraphs --copy --format html


    The copy feature requires that you have xclip installed if you are using khaled-ipsum.js on Linux. The feature will work out of the box on Mac and Windows systems.

    Another one.


    npm i khaled-ipsum

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