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A simple API wrapper around backlink miner's keyword research API.

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Install via npm:

$ npm install keyword-sphinx

Example Usage

var Sphinx = require('keyword-sphinx');
var sphinx = new Sphinx('http://your-keyword-sphix-api-server/sphinx/index.php');
sphinx.get('houses for sale', function (err, data) {
  // data contains the keyword data for the seed keyword 'houses for sale' 
sphinx.suggestions('houses for sales', function (err, data) {
  // data contains keyword suggestions that are similar to 'houses for sale' 
sphinx.suggestions('houses for sales', { limit: 10 }, function (err, data) {
  // only 10 rows are returned 


new Sphinx(apiUrl)

Returns a new sphinx API object with the apiUrl as the API endpoint.


Get the keyword data for the keyword keyword

Sphinx#suggestions(keyword, [options], callback)

Generate keywords suggestions based on the seed keyword keywword.

Takes an optional options object that can contain the following keys:

  • limit: (this parameter is used to set the maximum number of suggestions returned and can be any number you choose)
  • sort_by: (this parameter can be used to sort the suggestions based on global monthly search volume, local monthly search volume, and CPC). Valid values:
    • global_monthly_search: (sorts results based on Global Search Volume)
    • local_monthly_search: (sorts results based on Local Search Volume)
    • cpc: (sorts results based on cost per click)
  • sort_direction: (this parameter sorts the results in either ascending or descending order based on the value set with the “sord_by” parameter). Valid Values:
    • asc: (ascending order)
    • desc: (descending order)
  • cpc_min: (the minimum cost per click a keyword should have in order ot be included in the results returned)
  • global_monthly_search_min: (the minimum global monthly search volume a keyword should have in order to be included in the results returned)
  • local_monthly_search_min: (the minimum local monthly search volume a keyword should have in order ot be included in the results returned)