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    Keyword Extractor

    A simple NPM package for extracting keywords from a string by removing stopwords.


    $ npm install keyword-extractor

    Install browserify, required for demo (modify sample.js file and browserify after that)

    $ npm install browserify
    cd keyword-extractor/demo
    $ browserify sample.js -o bundle.js

    use online documentation for detalied usage

    Running tests

    To run the test suite, first install the development dependencies by running the following command within the package's directory.

    $ npm install

    To execute the package's tests, run:

    $ make test

    Usage of the Module

    //  include the Keyword Extractor
    var keyword_extractor = require("keyword-extractor");
    //  Opening sentence to NY Times Article at
    //  http://www.nytimes.com/2013/09/10/world/middleeast/surprise-russian-proposal-catches-obama-between-putin-and-house-republicans.html
    var sentence = "President Obama woke up Monday facing a Congressional defeat that many in both parties believed could hobble his presidency."
    //  Extract the keywords
    var extraction_result = keyword_extractor.extract(sentence,{
                                                                    remove_digits: true,
                                                                    remove_duplicates: false
      extraction result is:

    Options Parameters

    The second argument of the extract method is an Object of configuration/processing settings for the extraction.

    Parameter Name Description Permitted Values
    language The stopwords list to use. english, spanish, polish, german, french, italian, dutch, romanian, russian, portuguese, swedish,
    remove_digits Removes all digits from the results if set to true true or false
    return_changed_case The case of the extracted keywords. Setting the value to true will return the results all lower-cased, if false the results will be in the original case. true or false
    return_chained_words Instead of returning each word separately, join the words that were originally together. Setting the value to true will join the words, if false the results will be splitted on each array element. true or false
    remove_duplicates Removes the duplicate keywords true , false (defaults to false )
    return_max_ngrams Returns keywords that are ngrams with size 0-integer integer , false (defaults to false )


    The initial stopwords lists are taken from the following sources:

    • English [http://jmlr.org/papers/volume5/lewis04a/a11-smart-stop-list/english.stop]
    • Spanish [https://stop-words.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/stop-words/stop-words/stop-words-spanish.txt]


    npm i keyword-extractor

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