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NodeRED - kevoree-comp-nodered

This component is able to start a Node-RED runtime.
You can communicate with nodes inside your flows using the component input and output ports.

Overview of the component in the Kevoree Web Editor

TypeDefinition UI

Dictionary attributes

Name Optional Type Usage Default value
flows true string this will be used to set your Node-RED flows (deploy full) none
httpAdminRoot false string the root url for the Node-RED editor UI "/"
httpNodeRoot false string the root url for nodes that provide HTTP endpoints "/api"
port false number the port used by the Node-RED editor express server 9090
userDir false string the directory to store all user data none

KevScript example

// this is the minimal example possible
add node0: JavascriptNode
add node0.nodeRED: NodeRED
set node0.nodeRED.userDir = '/tmp/nodered'