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This is meant to be a Node.js library for doing web requests against a web server that is protected by Kerberos. In reality, it's just a wrapper around some command line tools (kinit, kdestroy and curl).


This module requires certain command line utilities to be installed to the machine before it can be used.

sudo apt-get install -y krb5-user libkrb53 curl


npm install kerb_request

Example usage

In a file named request:

#!/usr/bin/env node

var kerb_request = require('kerb_request');

if (process.argv.length != 5) {
   console.log('USAGE: ' + __filename + ' <username> <password> <url>');

var arguments = process.argv.slice(0);
var executable = arguments.shift(); // throw away
var programFile = arguments.shift(); // throw away

var username = arguments.shift();
var password = arguments.shift();
var url = arguments.shift();

kerb_request(username, password, url);

Then run it using:

./request matt.todd@DOMAIN.LAN 'my_pass_word' http://protected-site.domain.lan