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====== Keen

Livecoding for the Web, from your desktop editor!


I want instant feedback while coding on the Web. I want to livecode (like on livecodelab and when I'm working on a project, not just to play around. I want to use my desktop editor (emacs, vim, sublime, textmate, etc.), not a web-based editor like codemirror or ace.


Keen will watch serve a local directory via HTTP, watch for file (script, style) changes and update those files in the browser.

It works by serving up a wrapper at / that loads index.html from the local directory in an iframe. Whenever files referenced by <script> or <link rel="stylesheet"> tags change on disk, they are sent to the browser via Scripts are then eval'd, and styles are updated.


Keen is a (node.js) module, written in coffescript, using

Install it with npm install -g keen.

Run keen in a directory with an index.html, open your browser at http://localhost:9000. Edit a script file included in the page, hit save, and watch it instantly reload.

Use with CoffeeScript, Sass, Compass, etc. in 'watch' mode for great justice. Use a Procfile to start them all.





For now, keen only works with static content, because of the same origin policy. You can't run it with your node-based or rails or django app. I plan to fix this, but you will likely need to change your app slightly.


Warning: this is alpha software. Don't use it for anything other than development.