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a non-document focused UI Framework for web applications.

Install gulp:

$ npm install gulp -g

Build steps:

$ npm i
$ gulp

Before building make sure you have these installed:

Build the documentation website or create a playground

Documentation website is under /docs folder, it is a great example to check how a site can be put together with KD.

You can build & run it by doing:

$ gulp --docs

or you can create playground to fiddle with the components with this:

$ gulp --play

Test Runner

KD uses karma for automatically running tests. To launch karma, run

$ gulp karma

If you're editing test files, you'll also need to run the test watcher to automatically build the test files:

$ gulp watch-test

There is also an html based test runner, which can be useful for debugging tests. If you're running the playground server (started by running gulp) the tests are available by going to


Alternately, you can view the tests directly in the browser:

$ open test/index.html

Running tests on Saucelabs

You can also run tests remotely on SauceLabs browsers.

First, expose your saucelabs username and access key as environment variables

export SAUCE_USERNAME=your-username SAUCE_ACCESS_KEY=your-access-key

Then fire up the SauceLabs test runner with

$ gulp sauce

The available browser definitions are configured in the customLaunchers key in karma.conf.js and then selected in the 'sauce' task in gulpfile.coffe.


The framework is not well documented yet and the unit tests are in very early stage, any pull requests in this direction is highly appreciated.


npm i kdf

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